Computer woes...

I've been somewhat absent from blogging the past few days...
life has been busy
a little hectic.

I've been getting
to know
a new hard drive.

My computer died.
A relatively new computer in my mind...
just 4 years old.

The mother board
went out on it.
Mother board,
sounds pretty important
doesn't it???

This is the computer
that I do
all my
cross stitch charting on,
graphics work,
pattern layout
blog postings.

Yep, that computer!
Dell & I
were basically joined at the hips,
if you know what I mean.

So 800 some bucks later
5 hours of data file transferring,
I'm back up and running,
locating files
getting familiar with this Windows 7
operating system...

and thinking of the many other many things I would have
rather spent this 800+ bucks on...
like new ditties for the house, new shoes, new winter sweaters,
maybe even
some linen and floss...

Everything looks different,
even just old Microsoft Word
has a new look...

Let me stress,
that this whole process
was not done without
sprouting a few new gray hairs
there may have even
been a few curse words
flailing from my mouth...

I'm not good with change.

So after a few stressful long days
of this stuff,
I treated myself
to some quiet time stitching time
last evening...
Time for some therapy.

The January's Word Play
is now in it's very early stages folks!

You just never know
what may inspire the next cross stitch chart...
A bundle of rose hips?
I brought back a bunch of wild rose hips
when visiting our son
in Denver...

I love rose hips.
Not the scented ones,
the ones still on their stems
still out
in the elements.

Anyone else?

I actually find them just as
beautiful as the rose...
only thing missing is their
lovely scent.

I especially love
finding them in the winter time,
in drifts of snow...
but still hanging on.

Mother natures gentle reminder
that for everything
there is a

Hoping for a smoother week,


Entre puntadas e hilos said...

There is a delicious jam you can cook with rose hip's paste, too. You need quite a bunch of them but the taste is... my English isn't good enough to describe it. I can't think of a better way to start your day than rose scent/flavour for breakfast

cucki said...

yup..stitching is very relaxing..when i am stitching i just lost into another world..i love each and every minute of it..
keep well dear and have a lovely monday xx

NancyCD said...

Technology is wonderful right up and until it's not - - - my computer and I have a love/hate relationship.

kikifalalalala said...

The squirrels are eating all of our rose hips! They've gone through all the pyracantha berries and have moved on to the lovely orange hips...must be very hungry!

Mary said...

I am empathizing with your computer issues. I had to do the same thing earlier this year and won't bore you with all the hassles, but learning Windows 7 and Word was the least of it. All resolved now tho and I love it. Probably the worst problem was getting dh used to it! lol

Anna said...

Ah, computers, a love hate relationship...stitching...only love!

cindy said...

i love rose hips!! my favorite thing to decorate with in the winter! i need to pick some soon before the birds eat it all. :)

WoolenSails said...

My husband got me a dell to use with cross stitch and my sewing machine and I like the new systems since I am used to using macs, like the easier format.

I still had the snowmen that you made for our group in 2007 and finally made it. I have had people say they love it and would love the pattern. You can see the photo on my blog, not a great shot and I still have to antique it and decide what I want to do with it.


Tansy Annie Studio said...

I love rose hips too!!! I love to keep them in the house especially at Christmas! Good luck with the new computer!