Do you want in on a little secret????
(whispering voice)

(in a much louder voice, imagine me shouting)

I made the final satin stitch, on this hot Sunday afternoon,
on the antique reproduction
Ann Dickinson - 1819 Sampler.

I plan on spending this evening
just looking at it,
loving it,
admiring it,
I might even throw in
a happy dance
or two!!

If I drank wine,
I'd pop a cork in celebration
of this finish,
but since I don't,
I'll eat blue cotton candy- flavored
salt water taffy instead...

And just a little note,
about a comment
from Lyn
in regards to yesterday's post...
The post about my short-legged cow sampler.
you see,
Lyn thinks my cow
looks like a Corgi with horns...
I'm trying my hardest not to
And if you don't know what that means,
just imagine me laughing real real hard
with blue teeth
and blue tongue
from all the salt water taffy
I've consumed today...
(do you have a visual yet???)
Thanks Lyn for making me laugh!!

Have a good week everyone,


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Congrats on this beautiful finish, Brenda. Can hardly wait until the chart is available.

Gabi said...

I am now SO curious to see the the complete picture.
From the sampler that is. Although a pic of the blue teethed laugh would make me happy as well...lol

DSFinn said...

Oh, my, the sneak peek looks so lovely. Can't wait to see it in it's entirety! Congratulations on the finish!

mdgtjulie said...

Too cute. Love the corgi with horns, lol. And grats on the finish. And the blue tongue!!

Mouse said...

hehehehe love the corgi ..lol and what is salt water taffy ???? love the sneak peak tooo :) love mouse xxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Can't wait to see Ann in all her glory! Looking forward to adding her to my stash! I bet you look smashing with blue teeth and tongue! Hugs to you - kelley

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Can't wait to see the entire piece. Looks lovely! Hope you did the happy dance :). Congrat's on finishing it!!!

Laura said...

Brenda--your works is so lovely! I look forward to seeing the whole thing soon!

Btw, love your blog banner! Can you share with this newbie on how you did it? Thanks!

LindataxPA said...

Congrats on your finish! I loved your comments about spending the night looking at the piece and studying it and looking and looking again. That's how I feel when I finish a piece - can't keep my eyes off it (until I find a missed stitch or too and then it's back to the needle and thread). I can't even imagine the joy of finishing for a desiner. Our industry is so fortunate to have you share your talents with us all. Thank you.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Congrats on the finish Brenda - looks stunning from what I can see....but, my - all those satin stitches don't look fun at all. And you look loverly in blue!! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Applause. Applause. Witch Hazel sounds exciting also.