A little reminder...

to take time to stop and smell
the flowers...

Life is somewhat busy busy
here at Country Stitches,
I treated myself
to a little bouquet
of these...
as a little reminder to myself
to stop,
take time,
smell the flowers.

The Gerber daisies are raised by a local grower,
who sells them at our local farmers market.
She grows over 600 Gerber daisy plants
and has over
5000 Gladiolus bulbs...
that's 5000,
not 500!

Aren't they purdy?
Why they are so pretty,
I couldn't resist...
I had to "play"
with the pictures
Off to work early today.
Lots & lots to do...
We will have all the new pattern orders
shipped by mid-week.
keep an eye on your mailbox for your goodies
and many many thanks
for your patronage!

Have a good week everyone,


Kathy said...

The flowers are just beautiful. no wonder you had to treat yourself. :) And you deserved the treat.
Have a great week.

Mouse said...

I did exactly the same thing this week and bought a bunch of flowers with rose's gerberras and daisy's in :) love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Those are such pretty Gerber Daisies! Enjoy your week!

Lynn said...

What a great way to treat yourself! Gerber Daisies are a favourite of mine. I love the variety of colours you can get them in. My Mom's favourite flower is the gladiolus and I don't think that either one of us knew there were 5000 varieties out there!

mdgtjulie said...

Very pretty flowers Brenda. My mom and I and my sister and my cousin all got Gerber Daisies for Easter, from my brother's girlfriend.