Ann Sandles & Friends...

A tiny snippet of the Ann Sandles sampler...
carefully framed
in a tiny 1 1/4" frame,
sealed with a glass-like resin.
A pin back is added to the backside
for your wearing pleasure!
Fun to wear
also makes a fun gift
for that
special stitching friend.

See Ann & her friends here.

It's going to be a working weekend,
I'm afraid.
"Witch Hazel" safely arrived
on her broom this morning
and she now needs to be finished,
along with some fun
punch needle designs!

"Whatever the hand findest to do, do with all thine heart."

Hope you are all having a weekend filled with whatever you like doing best,


ohiofarmgirl said...

It will be fun to see all the new seasonal designs...hurry!!!! lol Have a great weekend. Dianntha

Mouse said...

ohh that is sooo sweet :) enjoy your stitching and finishing weekend :) love mouse xxxx

TheCrankyCrow said...

Lovely!! Have a great weekend - work and all! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sherry said...

Lovely project. I hope you had fun with all of your stitching.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, that is tiny. I can't imagine stitching anything that small!! Very impressive! Can't wait to see what you're finishing!

floss queen said...

Brenda, what resin did you use? I've tried a couple of them but they caused the thread color to bleed.