There once was a little coat.
A little green and yellow plaid linen coat.
A coat hand-sewn by my mother.
Not for Miss Teddy,
but rather for me.
I was in kindergarten.
It was Easter.
It was my favorite Easter coat.
I loved the "bally" buttons!
I'm sure there must have been a matching dress...
Many years later,
this little linen coat of mine
is still
my favorite
Easter coat
Miss Teddy's too!
A coat that's a wee tad too big for Miss Teddy,
I keep telling her
she'll grow into
it someday...

Happy Spring,


Cathy from Kentucky said...

Happy Spring to you Brenda, love you coat story. My Dad has passed and he was not one to shop a lot. But I am 54 and I am sure I was in my 20's and he bought me a coat and I loved it dearly and even more now. I have moved several times and I had wanted to have something made with it. It is still hanging in my closet. I was
wanting a Teddy Bear but I do not sew. I still smile just knowing it is in my closet.

MoonBeam said...


Happy Spring!