Baby's Real Soon!

Our pair of Iowa eagle's, featured on the web cam for the Raptor Resource Project, egg hatching due date is expected at some point between Wednesday and Friday of this week. If interested tune in here. It is also there where you may make a donation towards this project. We are seeing the eagle make a come-back here in Iowa, after spending many years on the endangered list. The eagles were featured in today's Des Moines Register. Photos are courtesy of the Des Moines Register. The article states the camera has almost four million page visits a day from over 130 countries the past month. The article also states the web cam will be turned off in July, about the time the fledgings leave the nest.The job of a Raptor Resource Project volunteer often requires them to scale great heights to reach the eagles nests. Here, a volunteer rests in the nest...gives you some idea how big that nest really is!

Also...take note of how each eagle prefers the eggs in their nest. One observer noted that the male prefers the eggs to be in a row and the female prefers them in a triangle (I may have that turned around). This rolling of the eggs keeps the embryo from sticking to the shell.

Let's hope for warmer weather this week for these little ones as they make their way into the world. Friday we awoke to a slushy/snowy mix here in NW Iowa. These conditions made for tricky travel on Friday. Road conditions were blamed for an accident that claimed the life of a local woman, a mother of 6 young children. One can only imagine, such a tragedy for this young family...our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Have a good week everyone,


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Lelia said...

We've been watching. Looking forward to seeing the hatchling this week!