Feeling good about where I live...

When many of you think of Iowa you probably think of farming, large fields of corn and beans, and pigs roaming around. You are right, except our pigs for the most part do not roam around freely. LOL!!
Did you know there is a new form of farming going on in Iowa? It is wind farming. Our state sits along a ridge called, the Buffalo Ridge. This ridge runs through Iowa and Minnesota. Areas along this ridge experience more wind then other areas. Yes, it is windy here...most days! Our farmers are now contracting small plots of their land to wind turbine companies and wind turbines are being built. Our windy weather turnes these huge turbine blades, which in turn create energy, the energy is captured and then turned into energy. The farmer still plants fields of corn and beans around the windmills. Iowa is a front runner in wind energy.
From the below photo it is hard to imagine how big these windmills really are. When a wind farm is going up, the roadways will be filled with semi's bring parts to the construction sight. One blade extends the length of a normal semi-trailer, yes one blade at a time is moved into the sights.

I've spent most of my weekend, as probably many of you have, glued to CNN & FOX watching the catastrophic happenings in Japan, with cross stitch in my lap. It is incomprehensible for those of us who sit and watch this, in the comforts of our homes, enjoying all things we take for granted. Life, safety, electricity, clean running water, phone service, ample supply of food and the list goes on. Our hearts go out to the Japanese people and their country.

I've learned a thing or two over the past two days about nuclear energy. I will be the first to admit that physics and chemistry were never my strong suits in school. I really didn't even know what nuclear energy was, or was made from, yes call me stupid!! I even now know that a melt-down is something much bigger and much more serious then a little one throwing a fit. This disaster has piqued my interest in nuclear energy, even doing Google searches on the very topic. We have over 100 nuclear power plants in this country in 31 states. I learned we have one in my state...I didn't know this, call me stupid again!! The readings I found also says there is a big push for more plants to be built in the states, enabling us to be less dependant on foreign oil. My concern is, is it safe? Did we learn enough from Three Mile Island event??

As I sit afar and watch this, a little part of me is scared of the global affect something such as this could have. A total nuclear melt-down sounds scary to me. The fall out can be moved by weather with mention of it possibly reaching the California coast...this IS scary!

I'm liking the sights & sounds of whirring windmills that dot our local countryside more & more. There is comfort in knowing that they pose no risk of causing a catastrophic event.
Most important, they are clean, safe, renewable, and wind is free!

Have a good week,



Sue said...

Hi Brenda,
I certainly hope we've learned from Three Mile Island. My husband works at a nuclear plant, so of course we've talked about the safety of it. He said a 747 could hit his plant and not cause a meltdown, but I guess catastrophic events can happen, as in Japan. Hopefully someday we'll find a way to harness more energy from the wind and sun, but for now they're barely a drop in the bucket compared to what nuclear power provides. Here's an interesting article discussing the comparative dangers of wind power vs. nuclear. www.thenewamerican.com/tech-mainmenu-30/energy/788

Irishgirlsews said...

Hi Brenda,
I agree, bring on the Windmills....my husband used to work on Nuclear Power Plants back in the day, when will still had skilled labor to produce such structures in this country, I can't even imagine how shoddily built they would be today.....scary! (many times our government & states are forced to take the low bidder on jobs)!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Brenda, When I think of Iowa I think of cornfields and the Heartland. I have lived in California all my life except two years in Wyoming. My mom side of the family
was from Iowa. My mom lived in a small town called Boone. So that is my link to Iowa!I think that link is probably why I love the country Life and appreciate the simple things of Life.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I agree...we have fields of the wind mills about 50 miles from our home and I am happy with that. It has been a very dramatic story in Japan. dianntha

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

When I think of Iowa, I remember a tiny town by the name of Clinton where as a teenager being involved in our St. John's Drum and Bugle Corps, would visit every summer for a week of parades and contests with many other Corps from the US, and it was one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen.
Here in Ontario we have several Wind Turbine Farms and interestingly enough, as you pass through the communities there are signs at the side of the road that read
These turbines are simply amazing to watch in motion and the sound is one of it's own.
I am sure everyone is in deep thought and consideration of our global situation and are hoping for the best for all involved.
Be always in stitches.

maryrose said...

You might not like the wind farms if they are in your backyard. Reports are coming out now of mass sufferers of tinnitis who live anywhere near these, as well as problems to bird populations. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (There's a physics lesson for all of us!)

barbara r-g said...

i love your picture. i think wind/sun power is the way for the future still some things to work out but no left over fuel that contaminates for centurys to come at least. my heart goes out to all the Japanese people can hardly wrap my mind around it all.

Ahl Cooped Up said...

My Son and Sil work at our local Nuke Plant. It's 6 miles from me.
I worry everyday about their safety. They think it's safe. I hope so!!
We have Photovoltaic panels on our property that generate our electricity.
I pray for the wonderful people in Japan.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Can you absolutely believe that there are groups in my area that oppose wind farms - because of the sight of the propellers and the fact that birds could run into them. I'm all about not hurting the birds, but I do think the people should come first.

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