Time to gather...

While driving home
through the countryside
last week
I saw this...
So I snapped a pic
and made
a mental note to myself (more on that later).
Can it be?
Are the birds
really starting
to congregate?
Nature's hint
that autumn
is just one more flip
of a calendar page away...

After a long summer
of raising two nest full of little ones
they probably have much to catch up on...
don't you suppose?

They are probably chirping about the weather,
nest building,
size of their clutch,
the long flight south
even the 4 letter word... CATS.
I continued on my merry way home
with that mental note flitting around in my head...
I pulled in the garage,
shut the door,
went in the house
and immediately got my sketch pad out.
I began to sketch a row of birds on a line...
I needed to capture
that imagine in cloth & thread.
things always don't transfer from mind to paper as we wish...
After some erasing, the high line wire turned into a pretty little wire fence...
A fun
little place for birds
to gather,
don't you think?

The sketch was then transferred onto weavers cloth and then it was onto color planning. TAA DAA...a new design was created on a country road, in my car, on the way home...and that is how I roll along folks!!

Watch for new punch needle & wool applique patterns coming soon!

With thy Needle & Thread,



natalyK said...

The creative mind has wheels that forever turn. Many ideas also occur during sleep which proves that creativity never rests. I look forward to your new designs.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

How very clever of you! I love the look of it already!

crystal said...

Love the new design! Can't wait to see the finished pattern. I think fall is my favorite time of the year. I love to decorate with pumpkins, scarecrows, black cats and flowers. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

Suzanne said...

I'd call that "creative genious"! I have been enjoying watching the new designs 'roll' out:)

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