Imagine the total excitement that these pictures brought to his grandmother!
A grandmother
who tries her hardest
to sneak in a few moments
of doodling
each & every day...

So glad to see that the little one enjoys time to be creative...
What do you think?
A future Michelangelo or Picasso?
Simple artwork from the hand of a little one...
something only
a parent (or grandparent ;-)
treasure forever.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Picasso

Have a great weekend,


Peggy Lee said...

I think the best cure for stress is to sit and watch a child play, whether it's with chalk on the sidewalk, playing with leggo's or building blocks....there's just something so relaxing about it!
And it helps when the little guy is a cutie-pie like yours!!

The French Bear said...

Oh my, he has grown so much, what a cutie pie....he is very handsome!!! I love the sock monkey slippers, I am sure he gets his talent for art from Gramma!!!!
I love all your new patterns Brenda! I told myself to hold off until I finish some things but oh it is so hard!!!
Margaret B

diamondc said...

I really like driving by driveways and seeing the chalk works by a child what an imagination a child has, to bad we sometimes lose it as we grow, what a handsome youngman he is, he looks so cuddly and sweet.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, he is so beautiful and I love to see children concentrating like that. My son's hair was that color. Now it has a Marine Buzz lol.