start your engines!

Move over Jeff Gordan & Dale Earnhardt Jr...

here comes Beckham & Parker...
headed for the finish line
gettin' waved in by the checkered flag.

Note - I am borrowing these pics from my favorite blog (thanks Beckham). I have visited this said blog several times each day, each time these pictures bring laughter to grandma. Thought I'd share the laughter with you all...aren't these two little neighbor friends a hoot? Can you hear the giggles???

Have a good day,

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Peggy Lee said...

I am always amazed at the beautiful memories a photo can bring. Years from now this will be a treasured item!
They look like they are having a blast. Ahhh....to be that young again. I remember when I used to lay in the grass and not worry about bugs getting on me. Where have those days gone?