These days I'm finding myself sitting & pondering ~
maybe fretting is a better word...
am I going to get everything done that needs to be done?

We leave for market in a week from tomorrow, eekkkk!!!
Procrastination is not the reason I work right up until the very final deadline...
No, I don't consider myself a procrastinator.
I have this major problem of remaking everything I create at least one time over. Does anyone else out there in blog land do this? Darives me crazy!! There must me some scientific name for this illness, right??

Reminder: Country Stitches will be closed from May 12 - 24Th for final preparations and attendance of the International Quilt Market. You are welcome to shop online during this time, but orders will not ship until I return, unpack and get settled back in on May 25Th.

With thy Needle & Thread,


JOLENE said...

Good luck with getting everything you need to get ready for market. It will all come together perfectly, don't fret.

I love the sweet little face on your dollie, it's beautiful. It does look alot like you, Brenda.

Have a wonderful day. Smiles....

The French Bear said...

Have fun and I wish you lots of luck with the market! I can't wait to get the new patterns when you come home!! Maybe I will have something finished by then...I do believe it's called being a dreamer....rather then a procrastinator.... or not!
Your dollie is so sweet....great face!
Margaret B