A nice mix of texture...

wool + prairie cloth + cross stitch = a wonderful mix!
"The Sampler House" table runner pattern coming soon!
This pattern will tempt all you wool appliquers to get that cross stitch needle & hoop out once again. This design is mostly wool applique with just a sprinkling of cross stitch motifs here & there for added charm. I love the mix of the 2 elements - wool applique & cross stitch. Prairie cloth is a heavier loosely woven cloth with coarse threads...with a great feel. The cross stitched motifs are worked over two threads, making for larger X's and great for those who want to dabble in cross stitch...not too tough or overwhelming!

Also arriving soon at www.countrystitchesonline.com are several new colors of wool felt-
Butternut Squash
Canyon Ridge
Beach Sand
Mustard Seed
Storm Clouds
Ocean Kelp
Peat Moss
Blue Snow...
beautiful colors, all inspired by nature!
These wool felts have a content of 30& wool/70% acrylic...just enough wool that when wet and dried they felt up real nice. Perfect for penny rugs & wool applique!

With thy Needle & Thread,


The French Bear said...

Brenda, this will very exciting, I love to work with wool. I have taken a few courses with Sue Spargo and she has me hooked on wool. Combined with your beautiful stitchery, this should be so much fun. Can't wait!
Margaret B

Nancy said...

It looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the whole design!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I cant wait to see it!!!

Tanya said...

Ooooh la-la! I love both cross stitch and wool applique so I'm gonna be in stitching heaven!LOL

Is it easy to find Prairie Cloth?

Can't wait to see the pattern and I hope more are on the way! Finally someone combined my two stitching 'loves'. ha


Pat said...

OMGosh this sounds like such a fun project. I have some prairie cloth and love working on it.

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Wow. I would not of thought to put the combination together, but it looks so pretty. I usually only do cross stitch, but I'm rather eager to try this out. I just love the look.

crystal said...

I love working with wool so this is going to be great. I want to try cross-stitch so I hope this pattern will be good for a newbie!Love your blog it is a very refreshing start to my day. Your flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see your new patterns. Thank you so much for sharing. Crystal

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what it looks like when finished..Have a great week..

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a tempting teaser. I am lucky, I have a friend who buys me patterns from you. I have had to rest my hand for now, but can't wait to get back to punching again.


wisteriagirl said...

Brenda..you are such a tease!! I love the looks of this new pattern. Can't wait till the new patterns come out! Cindy

Vonna said...

Oh goodness gracious...that is just perfection for a gal like me that loves cross stitch and wool applique....then I see a house, and that pushes me over the edge! LOVE IT!