Who's got the thimble?

How many of you played hide the thimble
as a child?
I did.
We used buttons too,
if we couldn't locate Mom's thimble...
My older sisters
 were always the hiders
 and it was I 
who was always
 the finder...


I wanted so badly to be the hider...
It probably has something to do with my obsession
that I have with thimbles
Isn't it funny how our childhood
reflects what we 
like & do
as adults?

 There is just something about these little
or not so ornate,
 dome shaped
pieces of metal,
 with dimples in them
that fascinates me...

I collect all shapes, sizes and various metals...
I currently have a small collection
 of thimbles
 displayed on the frame
of Mary Murgatroyd's sampler.
  I have two samplers stitched by Mary,
 they are some of my personal favorites. 
 They are companion samplers,
 both worked it lots of reds, sage greens and sea foam blues
and both completed in 1842.

This seems to be a safe spot for the thimbles, 
high up
and away from fur paws...
the fur child
  likes to swat them off surfaces
 then roll them across the floor...
I then once again
am thee finder of the thimbles!

See those teeny little thimbles in the front?
Those are child-sized thimbles,
they measure less then a 1/2" tall.
 So tiny & sweet...
 I treasure these.

Up until sometime in the 20th century
most young girls
 were taught to sew by their mothers
or sewing schools,
so there was a large need for small thimbles.
These thimbles were typically made from copper,
 a cheaper alloy,
 as these thimbles
were typically out-grown
 before they wore out. 

 You will usually find children sized thimbles
 in good conditions
 due to the fact
 that they weren't used
years and years.

The fancier silver thimbles
were usually custom made.
Many of these will have verses
 hand engraved along the bands.

 Shown here are 3 sizes of thimbles,
women's ...

Look at how these thimbles have aged...
their copper surface 
has become a lovely
green verdigris.

Aren't they lovely?
Even thimbles grow 
old gracefully,
don't your think?

I have worked with my Thimble, and like it extremely.
- M.J. Holroyd, Girlhood, 1793

With thy needle & thread,

The THIMBLE PURSE, a stitcher's necklace
pattern series
releases June 6th!
Hurry up,
go find your thimbles!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a wonderful collection and history lesson along with gorgeous pictures! Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Love your thimble post. I brings back memories I haven't thought of in decades. I love to sew and have many thimbles but they aren't considered a collection in my frame of mind. Thanks for helping me to change how I think about my thimbles. Love the picture of yours displayed on the sampler frame. I may have to try it one day, then when I look at them I'll think of your post. Looking forward to your pattern release.

Barb said...

I am so looking forward to your release of the Thimble Purses and the Strawberry Sampler. I can't wait"

Nancee said...

I too love thimbles and have a small collection. I'm always on the look out at auctions or estate sales for those precious boxes or tins containing old thimbles and vintage sewing notions.

Annette-California said...

Thank you for sharing your collection. I love the child, maid and woman photo. So very interesting. Instantly I was imagining what samplers, clothes and projects the thimbles assisted in creating. Sure makes you wonder.. Lovely post.

mdgtjulie said...

I'm not a thimble collector, but you make me want to be, lol. Thanks for sharing your other passion with us, Brenda.

Kay said...

I had completely forgotten about "Hide the Thimble"! Thanks for a great memory, and for the great pictures of your collection.

gracie said...

I too have a thimble collection... from when I was a girl many years ago! Always a joy to hold an old one and try to think of who used it, what did they sew and when...I have lots of newer ones that have travel memories...love your collection. Looking forward to your new thimble purse pattern.

m j said...

I am so excited to start a new punchneedle project!