Midweek Musings...

I've been getting some emails in regards to which Whitman's Sampler box is needed for the upcoming release of the "Strawberry Hill Sampler" pattern...
I want to clarify this for everyone, so you don't buy the wrong one and have to eat 2 boxes of chocolates...darn!

It is the 12 oz Whitman's Sampler Assorted Chocolate box
as shown here...

You can buy these at Walgreens, Wal-Mart and I was doing the happy dance when I even saw a small display of thee box in my local grocery store last night!   You can also order them online directly from Whitman's

This box of chocolates is celebrating it's 100 years and what could be more appropriate then buying a box, sampling a chocolate each morning with your morning cup, and then re-purposing the box into a little box to keep your stitching needfuls
at your fingertips?

Take a few moments to go here and read some history about the sampler and  how a family heirloom inspired the packaging for the Whitman's Sampler...one of the greatest packaging ideas in history.   If you are a sampler lover you will enjoy the story and history behind the lid of the box.

The release date for "Strawberry Hill Sampler" is June 6th.

X X X X X 

I'm taking a few days off ...
we are going to have some very important visitors,
the grand darlings
  are coming to g-ma's house for a few days.
It should be lots & lots of fun!

With thy Needle & Thread,



csbowlin said...

Darn! I bought the right box.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying. I have 2 boxes that I have been saving from Christmas that I got after the candies where all eaten at work for just something special.
For any readers that wanting a box and chocolate, you might check out the Russel Stover outlet stores. There is one in Illinois and one in Virginia or West Virginia or Pennsalvania...I was on vacation so not exactly sure which state.
The anticipation for your release is a sweet as the smell as the chocolates.

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, I truly hope you totally enjoy your time with the grands. And chocolate... Oh, don't I wish!!!

BARBARA said...

There is nothing quite as wonderful as having your little grands for a stay....have fun! I look forward to you new release

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the Whitman story. Looking forward to your release.

Enjoy the grandchildren. I am sure you will have lots of stories to share - do like reading them.