Looking towards July...

Charting, check.
 Color planning, check.

So let the stitching begin
 on July's Word Play!

 It takes about a weeks
 worth of
 morning coffee stitching 
to complete
 a Word Play.
I love the quick stitch
 of this series...
quick gratification!

It's hard to believe
 that I am down the home stretch
 on this 12 chart series...
just two more months left!

 I've enjoyed designing this series
 and found that finding
 the little monthly props
 for the photo shoots
 to be even more enjoying!
 last month
 I got to buy 3 quarts of fresh strawberries
 for the photo shoot...
which meant
 sugared strawberries & ice cream
when pictures were done!

 I'm now gathering
 antique nautical goodies
 for photo props...
just a little hint
for what's to come
 July's Word Play! 

Watch for July's Word Play release on June 1st!

With thy Needle & Thread,


mdgtjulie said...

I'm not creative enough to come up with props, much less a new design. Kudos to you for doing it!!

Anna said...

The color of the threads are so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

July is one of my all time favorite months...patriotic stuff, summer and oh yes, summer.
I have so enjoyed seeing what you come up with each month. I will be sorry to see the monthly series end sort of speak. But seeing that I haven't been able to keep up stitching them I will just rediscover you months again. Thanks for the wonderful and very fresh series.