You know, it just occurred to me...

early this morn,
as I was putting
some stitches into this piece...
that it's October
the only
Halloween decorations
I have out
is her...
(a pumpkin-head doll
that I designed this summer
and never quite got around
to putting her into a pattern)
a few pumpkins on a table that I've used in recent photo shoots.
That's it!
And I think I'm okay with it...

I then couldn't help but wonder if life is getting busier
if I'm just getting slower.
I turned the half-century a couple of weeks ago,
maybe it's just the big "five o" thing...

The cross stitch piece above
is something I've wanted to do for sometime.
The piece is worked
on a coarse 22 count linen over 2 threads...
11 count!
It is reminding me
of those aprons our grandma's wore
that were made out of gingham check
that had big cross stitched designs across the bottom...
I'm liking
the "bigness"
of the piece.
I'm thinking of a finish,
in a big,
Christmas-time pillow,
perhaps stuffed with rags
for a heavy,
lumpy feel...
perfect for placing on a rocker
on the front porch
along with some fresh pine greenery.

Hoping to have a pattern for this piece sometime soon,
but then again
maybe it will be next year!

Have a good day
enjoy these beautiful autumn days,


Sue said...

I hear ya on the big 5-0. I turn a half century in January and somehow life is taking on a different perspective for me. Slowing down, simplifying, etc. It's all good though :)

Penny said...

Love those big cross-stitched aprons!! A couple of years ago my daughter was having a 50's-themed wedding, so for her shower I bought many, many vintage aprons for all the ladies to wear.... most were the kind that had those big stitches! The idea of a big stitch Christmas pillow sounds fabulous!!!

Penny said...

Both of these patterns are going to go on my wish list. Hoping to see that cute little pumpkin doll next year. I will keep my fingers crossed that the snowman makes his appearance this year. Your pillow idea sounds simply wonderful!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Welcome to the 1/2 century club!! Love what I see on your cross stitch piece and the pillow idea sounds perfect!

marly said...

Happy belated birthday! Your stitches and tension are perfect!!! That doesn't look anything like my wonky different sized X's. I L.O.V.E. that doll.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your stitching is impeccable. Wow. And big is better sometimes....along with the "slow down" aforementioned, also comes poor eyesight that even cheaters can't fix.... I'm so loving "her." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lynn said...

My husband always says "Less is more" but I've never agreed with him! I love the sounds of your new design and can't wait to see it all finished up.
I took early retirement this year and figured I'd have all this time to complete a number of projects. However I seem to be crawling and don't feel like I'm any further ahead than when I worked!

sharon said...

Hoping to see more of these pieces in thefuture! The pumkin doll is so awesome!

DSFinn said...

You have intrigued me with your beautiful pumpkin head doll and the lovely stitching on the cross stitch piece. Wonderful!
I hear you, too, about the slowing down, simplifying. I find I can do with less in the decorating each season and still be happy. In our small cape, it's probably a good thing anyway.
Thank you for all your lovely creations. Time hasn't seemed to catch up with you yet!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Brenda, everything you design is wonderful. I hope you work up a pattern with something big.

Louise said...

I have never seen such perfect even stitches in my life!! Beautiful work!
I absolutely LOVE all your designs..and hope to place an order real soon. I want to stitch everything! :)
Blessings to you,
Louise in FL