Perfect weekend weather...

for shorts

Grandpa & I
received a surprise phone-call
saying Beckham & Momma
were coming home to our house
for a long-weekend visit.
Daddy's been out of country
on business for the 2nd week
in 3 weeks
and the evenings
are starting to get long
Momma needs a break...
if you're the
Grandma & Grandpa!

The weather was absolutely beautiful for company...
Perfect for being outside
doing side-walk art.

Beckham requested
that I draw him a duck,
so I did.
Then it needed "wadda",
"pink wadda",
pink water it is!
Then he wanted fish,
"pink fish"!
pink fish it is!
(i think my duck has scoliosis, what do u think?!!)

And then it was Momma's turn, she draws Thomas the Train,
of course...

While outside
Beckham spotted
one of the several neighborhood "kitties",
(only he pronounces it with a "t" instead of a "k")
sleeping in our bushes.
With some coercing,
the kitty
comes out to play.

Let's just say,
that Beckham
is more interested in the kitty,
then the kitty in he...
She would rather just roll in the leaves,
then be played with.
We then moved to the back yard and spotted this kitty...
you may remember this kitty
from this previous post.
If not,
this is kitty that just showed up one day.
A stray,
that's not too sure of people,
thinks our yard
is his home...

Beckham finds this kitty,
the kitty runs away.
Momma explains to the little one
he's wild
"scared of us"...
we put out food for the "kitty"
(shh....don't tell Grandpa),
some "kitty food" (once again the k is a t...so cute!)
Look who's back in the yard...

I'm just amazed that the stray allowed the little one to get this close...
tis a first!

The kitty decides
that people
might be okay.
Little people,
that is.
We just watched and listened,
(in total amazement
I must add)
as the little one gently stroked the kittie's fur
talked to the kitty.

Beckham tells the kitty,
"don't be scared, you're otay"...

And then tells his momma,
"he's a nice kitty"


It gave me goosebumps and a lump in my throat...
I've struggled with this cat-issue all summer long.
We have a house cat,
( a very loved one, I must add...a spoiled one)
I don't need another.

I've been battling that need/want issue...

He is an un-neutered male
that isn't used
to being a house cat.
He isn't even too sure of people...
He probably
wouldn't even want
to be
a house cat...

My concern
is the
cold/snowy Iowa winter
that is just around the corner...

If only I had a warm barn in my backyard,
with hay in it's haymow for this kitty
for the upcoming winter months...

I don't.


While playing with the kitties,
Beckham noticed the "pretty waterfowl"
down the street
from Grandma & Grandpa's house.
Any body of water
is a pretty water fall!
we went to the "waterfowl"
and walked the beach...

Grandpa and Beckham
looked for flat rocks to skip on the water...

And as you may have guessed,
this was a hit with the little one!

Little boys

throwing rocks,
they just seem to go together!
He would have been happy
to spend
the whole day
just this...
throwing rocks!

Have a good day,


Penny said...

Your little grandson is so precious! Love how these little ones talk, so cute. Looks like you had a fun weekend.

sunny said...

What a wonderful day! Gotta love every minute with the little ones.

Suzanne said...

You are a wonderful "Grandma" Brenda! :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful visit...and beautiful photos...Awwww to the kitties....Doesn't Beckham need a kitty of his own?? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Dinie said...

Aww so sweet, makes me miss my grandson in Minnesota even more... Time for a visit from Texas to Minnesota.. Love your pictures

April Mechelle said...

He is so cute Brenda!! I know the joy of spending time with the little ones!!

cucki said...

very sweet photos and your grandson is so cute..
love for him and for you too xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Both grandson and kitty are pulling at someone's heartstrings....

:-) Diane

The Whistle Stop said...

How cute is that! I have a "blondy" grandson too with an orange tabby cat named Oliver. They seemed to be meant for each other!
Laurie :)

Anonymous said...

Check out FeralVilla--this man makes really good outdoor houses for cats--the one I got has a sleeping loft, so the cat is up off the ground. It does get awfully cold where you are...

Penny said...

Love the photos of your adorable little guy -- and the kitties (with a t!) Reminds me of when my youngest was just a toddler -- Reese's Pieces were Reese's penises (she was way too young to know that word, so it was just one of those crazy coincidences!)..... Yikes!!! Just a little embarrassing when she would ask for them in the market!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with Beckham and Momma -- making memories all along the way! So sweet!!!

marly said...

What a cutie. Can't believe the cat allowed his petting!! If you're worried about winter, get a large styrofoam cooler (or one discarded by a hospital pharmacy), cut a door on one side of the front with a heated knife, put a warm pad inside and a rock on top to hold it in place. An added plywood piece under the rock with an overhang prevents rain/snow from getting in and a top perch. It takes a while for them to accept it but our strays love them.

Patti said...

Oh my, what adorable photos! Being a mom of 3 (all grown up) boys and no girls, little boys just melt my heart.

My oldest loved fire trucks, but when he was just learning to talk, the words fire truck came out of his mouth fi - uck, needless to say it sounded alot like something else! Hearing a siren while driving in the car with him I would have to roll up the windows, otherwise people around us would hear a little boy yelling fi - uck! fi - uck! :/

Lynn said...

The story of your grandson and the kitty was just tugging at my heart! Aren't kids amazing? They are sometimes able to accomplish what we can't!
It looks like it was a very special visit. Beckham is so precious!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

i love your beautiful pictures !

marylin from FRANCE

Ann at Beadlework. said...

How very special that kitty allowed the little one to get so close - it would be great if you could help this cat. It's heartbreaking when pets are cast aside and left to fend for themselves. Do you not have a local agency who would step in to help? Over here in the UK we have several we could call on and all of them look after the animals and find them new homes.

suz said...

What a great day you all had. I'm looking forward to that time one day. Looks like you got some good suggestions about the feral cat. Hopefully you can help him. So glad he and Beckham found each other.

Cathy Lloyd said...

What a sweet little boy you have there! Nothing like those little ones to melt your heart and bring substance to your life!