His name should have been Valdani...

With a mother named Yezebel

a father name X-Gigolo...

Valdani would probably have worked, right??

His name




He was born in the year of the A, not the year of the V.

This furry child of ours spends his days lounging in the sun watching the birds & squirrels, napping in my stitching chair (whenever I'm not occupying it), waiting for warm laundry to come out of the dryer to cuddle up in & take his 20th nap of the day
lot of this...

hunting down & chasing my Valdani floss...

He is very good at batting & chasing down these cute little balls, so Agassi isn't such an inappropriate name, would you say? Who would have known he would grow up to be so talented...

After his late-night games of Valdani tennis is over, he places them so proudly in his food dish. This is what I wake to...him running to his food dish to point out yet another victory.

Score: Agassi 2, Human Mom 0.

As hard as I try to "put away" my floss, some nights its late & i'm feelin' sort of "punchy" after an evening of punching and I'm a bit too tired to put them away & it becomes more of a hide them thing, out of reach of his big white furry mittens...

so I hide them under a magazine, under a newspaper, sometimes up on the mantle, or I place my hoop over them...

He knows all my hiding spots.

How does a cat get the name Agassi you are wondering?

Agassi is a Birman cat (Color - Seal). He is a semi-long haired, 11+ pound boy with cute little white gloves and laces up his back legs. We purchased him from a wonderful breeder here in Iowa. He was born in the year of the A. All Birmans are named according to the year in which they're born. In one year, all Birmans are named with the same letter of the alphabet. In the U.S. cats born in 2003 names begin with an A; 2004 is a letter B, and so on...making it easy to know the age of the Birman. This tradition, like its breed name, is French in origin.

Still you are wondering why Agassi? Agassi's human dad loves to watch tennis & was a huge Andre Agassi fan...hence the name & so fitting for this furry feline of ours!

Spending my day doin' punch needle & keepin' an eye on my Valdani floss,



Margaret said...

I love it!! lol! Of course, it's not good for your poor Valdani flosses. But what a great name for Agassi! I'm a tennis fan too, and I loved Agassi as well. So I think it's a great name. Although Valdani would have been a cute name as well!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Agassi is so sweet looking and I love that he plays with your thread balls and then show you his victory. Be thankful it isn't a bug or bird - we have received then many time and we have indoor cats!!! (screen porches do not keep critters out)!!

Diva Kreszl said...

so cute! my kitty likes to take his catnip toys and drown them in the water bowl after he's done playing with them. I always wake up to find he has once again been making catnip tea while I sleep :)

Ann said...

Brenda, Agassi is gorgeous. What a hoot that your floss ends up in his food dish! Don't let him eat any - we had a very EXPENSIVE operation on our cat, Riley, due to yarn that tangled his digestive track. Hard lesson for us to learn, but no more floss or yarn around current cat Frito. ~Ann

Vonna said...

Those eyes...my goodness what a beautiful cat!!!

Jane said...

Agassi is sooooooo cute!!! Loved reading this story and I didn't know about the names according to the year. As you may remember I have two Birmans and I've never heard of it. Maybe it's just an American thing. Interesting to read though. He sounds as cheeky as my Charlotte can be.

JOLENE said...

That is too funny!! One of my cats loves rubber bands.....I ALWAYS find them in his cat dish!! I just don't understand where he gets them....

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Brenda ~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.
We share the love of kitties. Mr.Agassi's is one handsome kitty!
I've never seen such a funny sight as those two "Valdani" floss balls in Mr.Agassi's food dish! I've no doubt he has a blast battin' those bundles to his goal line dish. Maybe he could "score" two balls of his own...although half the challenge is the hunt, lol.
My kitty is an A named cat, but more for the fact she is my "Angel."
I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

Sweet wishes,

Michelle May said...

Something about furry ones and Valdani floss that makes things so incredibly sweet! Love this post...being a fuzzy bunny lover that creates with Valadani. Indeed we share the love of good things.