Long time no stitch...

Well, hi there Frances!
How have you been?
Long time no see.
Long time
 no stitch...
For those inquiring minds,
the Frances Pool antique reproduction
 is back in my hands.
I'm no different then any other one
who stitches...
I work on something for awhile,
things are going good,
I see a finish close in sight
and that is when I said,
and she was folded up
put away,
until another day.
Until today...
I've spent this lovely late summer day
my stitching error.
To make things worse,
the stitching error was in the petite stitches.
All my smaller letters were one stitch too short....ugh!
Not my favorite stitch to stitch,
and definitely no fun to frog!
On a brighter note,
the J.M Gardner sampler is done!
It turned out really wonderful...
I cannot stop looking at it!
Tomorrow I will visit my local framing shop
and hopefully find a frame similar to what I have in mind
for the finish of this sampler.
There will also be J.M. Gardner floss keeps
brooches too!
Have a good week,


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I spent last night frogging - but thankfully, it wasn't over one. I can't wait to see both samplers in their full glory. I know I'm going to want them both!

Judy said...

Oh, so sorry you had trouble with Frances....but happy you are back on it. Everytime I see a little more I get so excited, I know I am going to love this one.
I will be looking for J.M. Gardner too, looks like a lovely stitch.
Thank you for all you do, can't wait to get these 2 in my hands.
Judy in Kansas

Carole said...

Looking forward to seeing Frances finished....love the colors!

cucki said...

i love the colors so much.
happy stitching xx

Joy said...

Over one is the worst!! However, we always feel better once it is done and everything is restitched. I am glad things are back on track and I cannot wait to see the new finish! Oh, when might these darlings be available? Inquiring stitchers want to know!

Unknown said...

I find that stitching 1 to 1 is not relaxing at all...even more undo and redo!

Michele B. said...

I'm really anxious for this one to go to print!!!! I love the colors. Please hurry!!!!

Unknown said...

merhabalar hersey cok guzel