Are you scissor crazy?????????????

you know,
 crazy about scissors?
Hold onto your garters ladies,
look what arrived in today's mail!
NEW scissors to tug at your heartstrings!
The Vineyard Scissor...
Just 3 1/2" long with winding vine engraved details.  Available in Gold and Primitive Black...they look like antiques!
How many of you scissor hoarders out there own a pair of fish scissors?  If not, all scissor collections need a pair of fish, no? 
3 1/2" scissors in the shape of a sword fish....and the best part is they don't even stink!  Available in primitive black and silver.
Scissors are now posted on our website for purchase...just in case you need another pair of scissors :)

And because I'm a scissor freak, scissor hoarder, or sucker for scissors,
lover of scissors,
 I am most excited about this...
a sweet little chatelaine !
Similar to the chatelaines worn by a housekeeper in the 19th century,
to hold the necessary household items,
such as scissors, thimble, keys or watch.
I have chose to decorate mine with old buttons and pearls. The chatelaine hangs from a piece of vintage silk.
I've been wearing it as I finish up the piece that is currently in my hoop,
"Let Heaven & Nature Sing".
A wintery piece to get out for the holidays,
but will be one that can be kept out all winter.
The finish is still a bit uncertain,
but I am hoping to adorn it with antique sheet music
in a collage-fashion.
I have these Chatelaine Scissor Cases on order,
more on these to follow at a later date.
It's a beautiful autumn day here in the heartland, the hot dry summer is making for some spectacular autumn colors.  Our lake is now still as can be, looks like a sheet of glass...an autumn time occurrence here only...we are usually windy with white caps. 
  I must try to find a few moments to sneak away from pattern instructions & stitching to get out and enjoy it and maybe even snap a few pics.
Have a good weekend,


cucki said...

Very cute scissors..I love scissors too :)
Happy weekend xxx

denise said...

i love the scissors! i have 3 pr. that i ordered from you. i guess i'll soon have 4. denise

P.J. said...

Love the sword fish scissors! Too cute.

Kathy MacKie said...

Yes, I know exactly how you feel!

Rosanna Dana said...

Stumbled upon your site. Interesting! Today was a very windy, cloudy and cool 67° here in south central Pennsylvania. Ever so often the sun would peek through the clouds. Leaves are changing colors, lots are on ground along with chestnuts & black walnuts. Squirrels are in 7th heaven!

Bernadett said...

Wonderful scissors!:)
I am not a scissors addict...I can not afford it unfortunately...but they really have their beauty,each of them.:)