I've been thinking

please bear with me...

The Winter Sampler of the Season
was originally planned to release this week,
on the first day of Autumn.

(and here is the please bear with me part)

Due to a quickly planned mini get-a-way,
and the fact that the November Word Play
Merry Christmas to Ewe Samplers
are both very close to releasing,
the decision has been made
to release them
all together
when I get back.

some dates to remember...

Country Stitches will be closed
from September 27 - October 4.

October 5 -
Release date for 3 new charts
Sampler of the Season - Winter
November's Word Play
Merry Christmas to Ewe Sampler


The new sewing needfuls
from Bohin of France
have arrived!
I hope
to have them added
to our website
by this evening.

Not fancy,
very functional
They are just 2 1/4" long
and have a very nice feel in hand.

It was a dreary rainy weekend,
a perfect weekend for stitching,
so I spent a good chunk of it stitching.
I tested the new needles & scissors
from Bohin.
Yep, they are tried & tested
and they've lived up to all the hype,
they have my stamp of approval.

I always am tending to "hunt" for my scissors when I stitch.
To solve this,
I took a piece of the vintage silk seam tape,
price-tag looped
the tape around the scissor handle
wore them around my neck.
Perfect, problem solved...
needles from Bohin are available in
size #24

The needle slip through the linen with ease,
much like cutting butter with a warm knife...

Have a good week,


MoonBeam said...

You deserve some R & R!

Cute idea with the tape and the scissors.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well deserved break. You work very hard for all of us stitches to enjoy and be filled with new and exciting designs. Enjoy your time away and take your turn to be filled with new and exciting things and places.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I'm thinking we'll all be here when you get back. ;o) Enjoy your getaway....Hope your Monday turned around for you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin