One word describes these...

As simple as that!

Just when you think
there can't be a cuter scissors
on the market,
these cute little 3 3/4" witch boot scissors come along.
They make the heart flutter,
don't they?

new from Kelmscott
is the Sunflower
needle minder.
New sewing aids
just in time
for your
autumn-time stitching...

they make nice little gifts too!

Also new to the shop
are two new patterns from Italian designer, Nicoletta Farrauto
and Pineberry Lane. Check them out, they are good!

Items now posted on our website under the NEW ITEMS category.

Have a good evening,


Patti said...

Those scissors are adorable!! I love anything pertaining to Halloween and witches, so I just might have to get those!

Just so you know, the clickable link to your website in your post doesn't work. When I clicked it, it says: Sorry, the website www.countrystitchessonline.com cannot be found. (I noticed there was an extra "s" added to the word stitches).

Anonymous said...

I saw these scissors the other day and thought they were very cute.
Have you thought about designing a really cute scissor holder that they could go along with? I think this could be a winner due to someone is bond to come up with something for them. Might as well be you. Your designs are so great, fresh and always interesting. Just food for thought from an adoring fan.

TheCrankyCrow said...

These are just as cute as a bug's ear. LOVE them! :o) Robin

Laura said...

The scissors looked like bat wings when I first saw them but after a second look, I could see the witch's boots.

Question for you: Do you put your framed needlework under glass? I've got a couple of samplers that I'm undecided as to having them under glass or not.