This & Thats...

Here's a peek at our latest addition to our note card collection...

The card features a photo that I took of one of my antique sewing vignettes....two tiny antique tomato pincushions, old scissors, crochet lace trims and old ivory buttons...some of my favorites. The photo was then digitally altered to look like an oil painting for a cool and funky look. An antique sewing tape measure neatly frames the photo. The photo lies upon a linen ground with one of my favorite verses across the bottom...

"any day spent stitching is a good day..."

You can find these cards for sale here.

Now onto the thats of the this & thats...

I received word from our Valdani distributor that more of the threads that have been out of stock for some time are on their way into the states. I am hopeful to have them by late next week, or early the following week. Out of stock colors in this shipment will be the JP12, O505 & O510. For those of you waiting for these colors, we will get them out the day our order arrives. Thanks for your patience!

We also received word that our Prairie Cloth has been shipped.....yipppeeee....we've been waiting for this since late last year. We will have both the ivory and red coming. We'll update our website, marking this item as back in stock just as soon as it arrives.

And of course I can't end this post without reminding everyone that today is the expected hatching date of the eagle eggs. I awoke this morning at 5:30 AM and found mother eagle was awake too. This is somewhat early for her to be awake. She was very vocal. I think she was telling Dad to get home, we're gonna have some babies today!! He later arrived with his talons filled with fine bedding grasses. I was able to get a peek at the eggs and it appears they all have peck holes in them. In the quietness of the dark early morning hours you could hear the little ones making peeping noises in their eggs...pretty cool! I still am wondering what their plan is for the dead rabbit on the lower left hand corner of the nest. I'm pondering the thought that perhaps they will eventually pull the fur from the rabbit and line the nest with it...or perhaps they just like their rabbit meat well-aged.....

Well we turn another page of the calendar today. Where did March go? It was complete March Madness here at Country Stitches. March is always a very busy month for us, with lots & lots of orders to fill. Everybody is ready for new and fresh spring-type patterns, I think. Country Stitches' anniversary also came and went in the month of March...she is 24 years old.

I think I'll get the sketch book out this weekend, I feel the need to create...time to move onto new patterns for Fall...I may throw in a couple patriotic ones as well...we shall see!

Have a good weekend everyone,



Anonymous said...

Brenda, congrats on 24 years of success and keeping us busy :-)

I've been checking in on the eagles. What is this dark brown furry? thing between dead bunny and eagle? Another food supply when the babies are hatched and hungry?

Have a great weekend! Angie

Patti said...

I had to stop watching because it is so windy the poor eagle was having a hard time keeping her/his? balance. It was breaking my heart :(

Nicky said...

Loving those cards - cheeky I know but I would very much like to have a go myself, is it very hard to do?


Susan said...

I'm behind in my reading but went back to see which color you went with on the bunny pillow and you took my suggestion "purple is the color of Easter". I'm so pleased. I feel a little giddy!
Anyway,I can't wait to get started on one of your designs. The floss and vintage seam tape selections you have are incredible. I absolutely admire everything you create.
Warmest Regards,
Susan B.,Western MA

Susan said...

So sorry, I neglected to congratulate
you on 24 fabulous years!
Oh, did the eagle eggs hatch yesterday?
Warm Regards,
Susan B.,Western MA