The return of my guest blogger!

As you may remember from a recent post, I am camera-less...darn I miss my camera, it is just always there and is just a part of me. How could I forget it and leave it behind...sorry camera. Sure the DH has a camera, but it is small, 6 megapixals and doesn't have my very favorite lens...just doesn't work for taking pictures of tiny things, such as cross stitch.

My son to the rescue! I received an email this morning from him loaded with pics and text too, made my day & now I have a new post, camera-less and all!! The email starts something like this...(mom please proof read it pretty please). I did some some minor editing with a few artistic graphics added here & there.
Please welcome returning guest blogger my son, Matthew. Enjoy!

Well since my mother left her precious camera at my sisters house i figured its about time i make another guest appearance and fill in for her and if you read far enough you might catch a recipe for your next camping trip...

As my folks were relaxing at home i was out and about in the wilderness of Colorado camping and hiking with some of my friends. For some reason people love hiking 14'ers so we decided to hike Mt Torreys (elevation 14,267). Here is a picture of me looking like a mountain man. Over my right shoulder is Mt. Torreys, I believe...

The hike would have been a lot easier if i looked anything like this guy we ran into...
Here are a few pictures of the way up/down

Here is a good idea of the vertical feet...

Ok so after seeing those pictures you better bet your bottom dollar i was STARVING. As my mom knows I get kinda cranky when im hungry so i decided to throw together a "hobo" camping meal. I saw many different recipes online but decided to just throw whatever together and see how it goes.

Here is what i tossed in there. Couple taters, couple carrots, a whole onion (love onions), 1 lbs beef, a whole bunch of random spices, cream of something (most call for mushroom but im not a fan so i got the cream of chix) foil to roll it up in and a beverage to sip on while it cooks.

First step is to lay down a couple layers of tin foil, i used 3 - 4 layers and it cooked it just fine. Now its time to chop up all the veggies.

Now the spices, the more the merrier...

Now its time to pile on the meat

& the cream whatever

Now its time to roll it up in a ball. Since I was feeling like a mountain man i made mine the size of a small bear, i was very hungry. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Now its time to stick it in the oven...err stick it by the fire.

After a long hike it is always good to drink some milk. Milk does the body good. (Okay, so maybe mom sort of revised this sentence...)

The boulder of food needs to be turned while its on the fire probably every 10 minutes. I cooked mine for um...probably about...90 minutes?? Yeah that sounds good.

After about 10 minutes of people sitting around the fire trying to figure out if its going to be ready or not its time to pull her out of the fire. Look at that mess of delicious food!
Time to chow...

& don't forget to rub that belly after a good meal!
That's all i have for now, until next time...

My moms favorite son,
Mom here again...
Looks like this mother needs to pay this son a visit and either buy him a new pair of favorite jeans or try her hand at mending. So glad I taught my children to always put on clean undies every morning...even when they're in the wilderness!


Tina Eudora said...

Lovely to meet your son Matthew and share in that adventure.
I had a few of those myself when I was younger and even went from Quebec to Alaska one summer camping all the way!
Matthew the recipe looks wonderful and I may just pop something like that in the "oven" this weekend.
As for the flower...I thought he had been picking wildflowers at first, lol. Enjoy the "milk" Matthew..:)
Tina xo

Linda said...

LOL! Brenda, you are priceless!

Mary said...

Great pics, Matthew! Thanks for sharing.

The food looks good, too!

Natalia said...

Matthew, welcome to the club of the Colorado 14'ers hikers. I am glad you gave Mt. Torreys a try. Maybe some day you should try Mt. Belford it is beautiful and one of my favorites. You are quite ingenious with food !! The recipe looks delicious !!

Peggy Lee said...

Stunning pictures!
Food looks delicious!
Where can I buy my milk in a can like that?
Reading this post made me miss my son who lives 12 hours away in PA. Thanks for posting Matthew.

Catherine said...

Great photos and what a trip to remember! You have a handsome son - who can cook too!! Whoo-hoo! I'm still laughing at the mom edits!! Too funny!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Fun post, Matthew! Hey Brenda, at least he was wearing underwear!

Ann said...

I'm laughing out loud at your son's posting. It took me a couple of seconds to see the "milk" was added in the first photo. I thought an ingredient was left out. Way too funny! The added flower was great!

Thanks for sharing!