And they're off...

I delivered Dave, Matthew & Megan out to a local gravel road where they met up with their support crew. You can about imagine my thoughts as I pull up to this bus, take note of its non traditional school bus graphics....hmmmm, something tells me this may be a party on wheels bus. Team Boozehound will transport them, their bikes, tents and bags to the start of the ride. They'll pitched their tents in Sioux City last evening, and if all goes as planned they are on their way to our town (68.5 miles), the overnight host town. I expect them to roll in around 1 pm. Tonight they will have the use of our showers and beds, no camping or bus showering tonight. Tomorrow they are headed to Algona, lucky for them another night of real beds and real showers as my sister lives there. Come Tuesday night they will be tenting it and enjoying bus showers for the rest of their trek across the state.
Let me point out some of the finer features of this bus. It is fulled loaded with deep freezer, cupboards and tables on the inside. And lovely vintage shag carpeted floors...
See the window unit AC? Very important feature in late July in Iowa.
See the yellow shower curtain? Yep, fully equipped with a shower. The white plastic PV tubing around the top of the bus is the water supply for the shower. You depend on the hot & humid Iowa sun to warm the water for the next evenings showers. The finer feature is the shower nozzle itself...garden sprayer attached to a garden hose!

They will work their way through the famous Loess Hills. Today's route will take them through the small communities of Leeds, Kinsley, Washta, Quimby and finally Storm Lake. If they are lucky perhaps they will see a black squirrel in Kingsley...they are known for their black squirrels. As they enter our county (Buena Vista) they will be in windmill country. Iowa is one of the top states in producing wind power. The route will take them close enough to the windmills that they should be able to hear the loud whooshing sounds these big turbine blades make.

The bike vendors, repair shops and shower semis are currently busy setting up shop on our street, just waiting for the mob of bikers to arrive....more photos to follow of today's Ragrai festivities in Storm Lake.

Have a good weekend,

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