Can it be?

Received a phone call last night from this little guys mommy announcing another first.....

ate his first graham cracker

Can it be...

he is growing up so quickly ...

learning new things weekly...

I saw this verse by an unknown author...really liked it & am going to share

It's such a grand thing

to be

a mother

of a mother...

that's why

the world

calls her

a grandmother.

have a good day,


BECKY said...

How adorable, Brenda!! So much fun!! We have one grandchild and she is something else!! She is the one pictured in my header!!! Smart, silly, and always looking to do something way to old for her age!!

Love all of your cross stitch patterns and the jewelry on your earlier post!! Too cute!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Trudy said...

Oh Brenda,

I just love these pictures of your grandson! He is growing up so quickly, and is adorable.

Our grandson is 5 months old today, and I cannot get over what a joy being a grandparent is...we are so blessed!