Loving my new eyes!

Do you do cross stitch? Do you have a hard time working with small count linen? Then you need a LED head loupe!

My darling husband gifted me with a new set of eyes for my birthday & I love them! The LED head loupe comes with 4 different lenses for magnifications of 1.5 to 3.5X. There are various magnifiers on the market but what I like about these is the bright LED light that sits on the top of them....wow, what a difference this little light makes! I can now work on higher count linens (36 - 40 ct) with no eye strain & I can even see what I am doing!

If interested in purchasing a pair of new eyes, they can be purchased online here.

happy stitching,



staci said...

I think I might need those too ;)

Patricia Lessell said...

Brenda do they work over normal glasses? Great present from your dh by the way. Patti xxx

Unknown said...

Yes, they do fit over your glasses if you wish to keep them on. I take my glasses off and adjust the magnification accordingly. These are not a fashion statement by any means, but my eyes LOVE them!

Patricia Lessell said...

Thanks Brenda because I wear varifocals and I am very long sighted and also I have to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new heart (if you look in my wishlist you will see 3 of your charts that I have to have). Just wish you would sell them via pdf files because then my dh wouldn't know I had broken my promise, yet again, and bought more stash when I promised faithfully that I would not!

Love Patti xxx