A Lesson in Color ~

Trim work this morning with needle & thread,
the window muttons are now stitched in place
and I have a finish!

Grateful, Thankful & Blessed
is ready for the framers!

Two down, two to go!

I always finish what's in my hoop 
before I move onto the next.  
Not really, it is my motivation for a quicker finish. ;)

There is no rest for the wicked,
today is a day of color planning, 
floss & linen selections for a future Halloween design.
I want to name this design
Oct. 31st....
I am laughing at the originality of this title...
I may need to work harder on this title!

When I chart a design,
 I am privileged to experiment around with background color (or linen),
on-screen, with a click of a button.  
 Sounds easy, right? 
 What looks good on the computer should look good 
when you go to place your stitches on that color of linen, right?
Not really...

I struggle with colored linen, blue sky colors in particular.
I am determined to make it work for this design,
wish me luck!!

  This morning I have been playing with sky-colored linens. 
 They all seem to be too cool-toned, in my opinion...
 I cut off a fat-quarter of two purchased hand-dyed linens
 and gave them an early morning bath in some strong coffee.
I function better with a little coffee,
maybe it is just the trick for sky-colored linens, no?  

See how it warmed up the linen?
I now have a warmer grungy linen,
I like the results!

(original linen is to the right of it's respective over- dyed version)

I have started several designs on blue linen, only for them to end up in my "reject box".  What is so frustrating for me, is, I have to stitch a gazillion stitches before I know whether it is going to appeal to me or not.  Just a couple of stitches doesn't determine whether I like it or not...no, that would be way to easy...so, I keep stitching and stitching, and thinking, and hoping it is going to get better ~

I am going to brave it again.
I think the linen on the lower left will be the choice.

 The linen and floss colors seem to work together when spread out.
This is where it gets tricky, their needs to be enough contrast between linen to floss.
 Green flosses get tricky on blue linens.
 I will need to brighten up my greens, pulling green flosses with more yellow in them.

   In the case of autumn,
 the floss colors we use
 tend to be warmer tones,
 my eye tells me warm flosses work better
warm toned linen.

Enough about warm & cool tones ~
it's going to be a beautiful late Spring day!

Our Service Berry trees are just loaded with berries
and the young robins have found them.
Their acrobatic moves in plucking them is quite entertaining.

I am going to find a shady spot today
 and take in the beauty of nature,
 and stitch!

Late Spring...my favorite season.
Stitching my favorite season....Autumn & Halloween
Total Bliss!

Wishing you a day full of beauty,
 a stitch or two,


Doreen Frost said...

Brenda..this design is amazing! I have GOT to practice my cross stitch because this is one I have to have!!!

Barbara said...

I love the colors of floss you've chosen for the upcoming Halloween design. All the linens look good to me.

MarieMichelle said...

Brilliant - I love your coffee dyed linens.

blueladie said...

What a wonderful process and result! :) Cathryn

gracie said...

It is always such a pleasure to stop by and visit with you!

Jennifer M said...

I love the coffee dyed linen with your color choices for floss! Another one I'm sure I will have to have...never enough time to stitch all your beautiful designs, I will keep trying!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Years ago you posted about a nest of birds that you were watching. It never appealed to me; I was more interested in your patterns and color. This year, my new husband got hooked on watching the camera on a nest of eagles in Hanover, Pennsylvania; and we both got addicted. Now I see what you were talking about!

Your work is always beautiful. Sorry that you struggled with the color, but your end result will be just as beautiful as every other project. Keep up the good work.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

You are such a talent to follow. I need a bigger work basket because that sneak peek of the house has me eagerly waiting to stitch it!!!! 141

Teresa S. said...

I love the name of the new design as Oct 31st is my birthday :)

Teresa said...

Really great design, I love it very much!!!

Kaisievic said...

I loved reading about your fabric and colours choices - your creative processes, so interesting.

Laura said...

Lovely! Another design that will be on my wish list. Those wooden hoops you have laying atop the cross stitched piece, are they antiques?