Worker Bee!!

Things are quite "Bizzy", lots and lots of new patterns coming together.
Nashville market is the buzz and I currently feel like a little worker bee!   I do sort of see a theme here with the upcoming Nashville releases..bees, fruit & flowers!

Did you know?
Bees are said to have knowledge of all secrets, as well as the gift of foreknowledge or seeing the future.  They are also considered to be divine messengers...their buzzing to be a song of praise.    They seem like perfect little motifs to stitch...I like their story, I like how hard they work!  

For those of you who stitched the "Gardener Goode Witch" and "Christmas at Winterberry Cabin", this is the spring/summer version to that series.  It is the last piece to stitch before market.  I know, I know...time is ticking!    I usually don't have a finish in mind when I start stitching.  My mind usually wanders to title and finish, in hoop,  as I stitch.  I am thinking... rather then rusty bell finish, as the other two in this series have, perhaps old mother of pearl button trim and maybe even toss in a bee charm or two...something a bit more "Springy".    I am stitching this on a 40 count rather then the 32 count and it is going to be small & sweet as honey...perfect for tucking on a cupboard shelf or trencher bowl.  
 It shall be titled, "The Potting Shed"

And with that,
 I leave you with pattern titles of the upcoming Nashville releases...
just something to tease and whet your needles appetite!!

Stars & Stripes
A Shepherds' Sampler (antique reproduction with some adaptations)
Summer at Cherry Hill
Spring Greetings Bouquet
Be Happy Humble & Kind
Button Button!
In Season 
A Tisket A Tasket
The Potting Shed
Pin Feathers Pinkeep


We had a good old fashioned winter storm over night...looks to be 7" or so of new snow.
Stay warm,


Anna said...

You are such a tease! Can't wait!

Betty Ulan said...

I stitch bees and keeps. My favorite subjects!

Faye said...

Goodness Brenda!!! I cannot wait..🐝

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh Brenda!!! I'm telling my shop's ladies to get me every one! :)

Judy said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Love, love, love your designs. Sure I will have to have them all.
Judy in Kansas

LauraP said...

Can't wait. Love bees.

Katrina said...

Can't wait!!!!!!

Teresita said...

Brenda, tienes muy bonitos trabajos, me gustan mucho tus bordados y los botones antiguos que usas! Un abrazo!