Sweet potato lovers...

you must try these!

I made my first attempt at making sweet potato chips,
 my goodness, are these good!
No frying necessary, these are made in your microwave! 
You will need a mandolin or a food processor that slices very thin slices.   When buying your sweet potatoes, look for ones that are somewhat straight.  Scrub the sweet potato, removing any dirt or dark spots.  No need to skin the potato.  The skin is full of nutritional goodies!  Slice the potato and toss slices into a large zip-lock bag.  Drizzle olive oil over slices, close bag.  With your hands, work the oil around the slices, so all oil is evenly distributed.  Sweet potatoes will darken, so you don't want to slice the potatoes too far in advance of microwaving them.  I used two potatoes for the two of us, and had a few leftover for next day snacking.
Remove the glass circular tray from your microwave.  Lie it on a piece of parchment paper, and trace around, onto paper.  Cut parchment paper circle out.  Put tray back into the microwave, placing paper on top of the tray.  Place potato slices onto tray.  Don't overlap, but they can be touching slightly.
Sprinkle with fresh ground sea salt and rosemary.   If you don't like rosemary, omit...but this makes them good!  Microwave on normal setting for 6 minutes.  Timing may vary from microwave to microwave.  You can always do a test run with a couple of slices to determine the best amount of cooking time for your microwave.    As the chips start to cook, their edges will darken and crinkle up.   The chips will still be slightly soft when done, but crispen up, rather quickly, as they cool.  If they don't crispen up, they need more cooking time.
I will be making more of these this summer...yum!  A perfect compliment to grilled brats or burgers.
The best part is, they are good for you!  The sweet potato is the number one most nutritious vegetable...did you know that?
They are high in potassium, calcium and Vitamin A&C to name a few nutrients.  A good food to eat when you are under stress and tension.  Stress robs your body of potassium, leading to muscle aches, pains and cramping.
Another week has flown by, tis already Friday...
Have a good weekend everyone,


gracie said...

I love sweet potatoes and this recipe sounds easy and delicious... my problem is the mandolin, not having one, just using without getting cut again!

marly said...

Thanks. Will definitely try this!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I have a couple at home right now. Love them baked, too. Have tried the micro with regular potatoes, but not with the paper. That's a good tip! Thanks!

sunny said...

Yummmmm. . . . .

denise said...

sounds yummy! denise

daniela said...

Queste patate sono speciali!!!
bellissimo il tuo blog!
Buon fine settimana!!

DianeM said...

OMGoodness...these sound so easy to make! My DH & DD absolutely love sweet potatoes so we will definitely be trying these out - I love that they get crispy since that always seems to be a problem when I try to make sweet potato fries. Thanks for sharing :)
Smiles, DianeM