Quacks Me Up!

Woofta, after a busy and hectic day at Country Stitches I came home to total critter craziness.
Our snow has melted, though the wind had a slight nip to it, at least the sun was shining.  It's been awhile since we've seen the sun, a very long while.    I felt like putting my feet up for a while and just sitting at the kitchen table and enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee.  I thought I'd warm myself in the sun for awhile before deciding what the heck I was going to make for supper. 
I'm drinking my coffee and looking out the window and I spot this duck.  Don't know what type of duck it is...seems to be something more then a mallard.  So it's a duck, but ducks don't usually hang out in my back yard.  The duck didn't move.  He seemed to have his head tucked under his wing....at least that is what I was hoping....I was hoping that the naughty hawk that frequents our yard didn't spot him first.....
I guess what I'm trying to say is,
I hoped the duck still had a head...
 I did take a picture,
 you dumb duck,
and now your photo is all over the blog world.
  You have now gone viral,
what do you think of that? 
  Gack, gackgackgackgack!

By now my coffee has grown cold, cause the duck was distracting me and I forgot to drink my coffee.  So, I get up to put a splash of hot coffee into my cup and I am startled by a noise at my window.  I look over and all I see is this
and dirt hitting my window.
Visitor number 2...
The furry rat had the nerve to just sit there in my flower box and stare at me whilst I slurped my cup of coffee. 
  A window peeping squirrel? 
Can I call the cops?
  You do know,
 they only remember where they put there nuts 2% of the time... 
My next thought was...The cat? 
Where's he at?
  He usually knows where all the squirrels are at.
 I can't believe he isn't right here up in the window sill....
I better go find him. 

This is where I found him...
Now I'm really feeling a little disappointed....
this is WHAT goes ON while I'm away,
 hard at work??
 you no longer do squirrel patrol?
No more kitty treats for you.
And your asking yourself,
can't she really find something better then an old Amazon box to put her floss in?
 ask myself that too,
everytime I find this 12 pounds of fur in my box.
Thinking I need a box with a lid before I cough up a furball,


Lida said...

Thanks for a big laugh and a wonderful story! Greetings

Cari said...

Love it !!!

klk said...

Cat in the floss box is a classic!

Pam in IL said...

Too cute! My SIL can't stand kitty fur in her floss and actually shaves her kitties so no more fur.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

How funny!

Terri said...