A surprise in the camera lens...

Sometimes you never know what you
are going to see
through the lens of your camera...
This evening I found a bokeh sunset
through the branches
of our Blue Muffin Viburnums...
Isn't that cool?

Bushes of tiny little blue berries
just waiting for large
flocks of robins
to start
their feeding frenzy
upon it's fermenting berries.

It's a real treat watching the robins
devour these berries.
They act a tad bit
intoxicated at times
they are!
There always seems to be
one bossy robin
in the flock.
The one
thinks she owns
all the berries
on all the bushes,
tries her hardest
to chase off
the competition...

I look forward to this
berry eating ritual
each late-summer,
and when the berries are gone,
so are the robins.
Time to make their journey
to warmer climates.

I hate to say this,
but it's starting to feel like fall.
I felt it during my stroll through the backyard
this evening.

The cicadas have been singing now for a couple of weeks...
you know what that means?
6 weeks until frost
according to the old wives-tale.

The days are growing
fall will be upon us
before long...

Have a good night,


VegasJilly said...

Great picture! I'm looking forward to fall. I don't have Air conditioning, I haven't been a nice person to be around the last couple weeks.

sunny said...

Love the picture. I heard the cidadas singing last night, and I was unaware of that old wive's tale. I'll have to checkit out.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Fall is my favorite time of year.
As long as the snow isn't falling I'm happy!
Awesome picture by the way!
Prim Blessings

Jeanie said...

and, doesn't it seem that summer just began?

The English Romantic said...

No cicadas here in England but that lovely fresh feeling in the morning air that herald Autumn.
September is one of my favourite months.
Love your pics,wish I could see a tipsy robin.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful what you captured in your camera lens!! And I know what you are saying about the hint of fall....And as much as I love it, I'm so not willing to let summer go yet...It's so terribly short here, and this year more than ever...But the sun is lower, the days a bit shorter, and there's a fullness and a ripeness that harbors fall....Blessings ~ Robin

Lynn said...

Gorgeous picture! I never knew about that old wive's tale before now. Although I love the fall, summer's approaching end is rather wistful.

A.B. said...

....but your cute designs will be a nice way to make the fall warm.
I live in Italy and I'm feeling the same .

kathyg said...

I too love to watch the robins antics with the 'Blue Muffin Berries'. I have nine bushes in various spots and they all become alive!
Also I have to add your patterns are wonderful! You are truly gifted!

deb-bee said...

Thanks, next Spring I'm going to buy one of those bushes so I can watch the robins too. Great "wife's tale."