Sad News...

While watching the news on Monday evening I learned of the tragic & untimely death of Rob Macintyre (man in the middle), the president of the Raptor Resource Project (Decorah Eagle Cam). Raptor Bob (Bob Anderson, director) is pictured on the left, banding the falcon.
Rob died while helping tornado victim friends in the Minneapolis MN area. Here is a more detailed story about Rob. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family.

It was this morning that the Raptor Resource Project also announced that as of 10:00 PM CST today, they will no longer be taking donations. They have received enough donations to cover the cost of the eagle web cams and funding for near future projects. They do not wish to take more donations then what the have a current need for.

It is at this time that I will also announce that the SOAR sampler pattern will retire slightly earlier, then first projected, due to this. The pattern will retire at 9:00 PM CST today. I will be making my final donations from proceeds made from the sale of this pattern this evening. I would like to say a big "Thank You" to all of you who purchased the Soar Sampler pattern. You enabled me to donate $1247.00 to this wonderful project. What captivated me the most about this little family of eagles, that live by a fish hatchery in Iowa is the coming together and the support and love of people....people from all over the world!

I believe, because of this project and web cam, a whole new awareness and love for our nations bird has been rekindled. Teachers are using the cam in their classrooms as a teaching tool, how cool is that....some things a science book just cannot teach! And for these very reasons, I thank Bob Anderson and his staff of volunteers at the Raptor Resource Project. You are a group of wonderful & caring people, on a wonderful mission.

Have a good evening,


Nancy said...

Isn't it wonderful what people can do when they pull together for a common goal! Wonderful total donation amount!

So sorry to hear about Rob's death, guess he had accomplished enough in his life and was called home.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

How terribly sad about Rob. I read the article he sounded like a great man. I am sure he will be missed by many.

I am happy you were able to help raise the money for the project and I hope they are able to continue without him.

Carrie said...

For a man who gave to the community in so many ways, it's awful to hear this sad news about Rob.

In this stitcher's little world, I'm glad that Ron was able to see, through your kind sampler donation project, the benefits of a needlework community pulling together to share and enjoy nature's happenings via Decorah Raptor Resource Project.

Brenda, thanks for sharing. His family is in my prayers.


And This Little Pig said...

So sad, Rob was obviously a man who cared about everyone and everything around him. Working for the betterment of the world in whole. He will be sadly missed.

Bon said...

Just finished SOAR tonight. Think I will go back and stitch Rob's name in it somewhere...a man to be remembered.

marly said...

How sad about Rob. Congratulations on your contribution to such a wonderful project.

Anonymous said...

So many of us that have followed the Eaglets in Iowa have so much to thank Rob and all that work at
Raptor Resources. I am very happy that you found a way that we could donate to the project to show our gratitude and appreciation for all their work.

Thanks for the update and my hearts love goes out Rob's family and friends at this time. It is a great loss to all of us because of his love for educating us on such magnificant creatures.

mdgtjulie said...

Wonderful job, Brenda. You really raised a lot of money for the project!!! It just goes to show how generous, as a group, stitchers are. Congratulations!!!

MoonBeam said...

So sad for Rob and family...

Great work by you with you little creation that resulted in a big donation.


Susan said...

What terribly sad news about Rob to be taken too soon from this world. It is especially tragic that he was trying to help others when it happened. I will always remember this year when I found out about the Raptor Resource Project and saw the Eagles up close, and have this truly wonderful sampler made by you commemorating this little corner of the world. I still watch them (right now!) every day and will be back next winter after these little ones fledge and they turn off the web cam until next time.
Warmest Regards,
Susan B., Western MA