We'll just pretend, shall we...

that this little junco really isn't freezin' his little bird legs off. We'll just pretend he's in a bed of spring time flowers, shall we???

There, now he's not freezin' his little tail feathers off...the magic of digital photography!

We are all freezin' our little behinds off here....brrr, this is much, too much, too cold for February!

But I remind myself that our feathered friends begin to think about nesting, courting and singing their territorial bird songs in this very month of February. These little sights and sounds give one hope, hope that warm, sunny and melting days are coming!

Did you know that in the month of February (in our neck of the woods) these little things are going on outside your very window...

The Great Horned Owl is nesting.

Cardinals begin to sing before sunrise, loud & long....this is their courting song.

The woodpeckers begin their drumming.

Melting begins and icicles begin to decorate the edges of roofs like lace-edging.

We have gained an hour and 2o some minutes of day light since the winter solstice.

Raccoons are out now most nights and become very vocal.

The house finch begins to sing their territorial songs.

And the true messengers of spring-time arrive! The first sightings of the Robin usually occur in this very month.. Hard to believe isn't it??

With that thought in mind...bundle up, stay warm...

just 38 days until Spring!

Have a good day,



The French Bear said...

Ha ha Brenda....I should really put my glasses on before I look at photos so early....I thought you had a new pattern! I love the idea of black stitching on a white background and I was thinking this was right up my alley!!! It is a beautiful bird though and no I did not know that all this was going on outside my window!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Margaret B


Thank you for the inspiring post of SPRING TO COME. I enjoy wildlife a lot and try to take time out to feed and listen to the animals. HUGS MARY

Susan said...

Brenda, your designs are absolutely enchanting. I can't wait to try a cross stitch pattern, especially if they are nice and big (the eyes go after 40). We, too have a cardinal that loves to wake us up singing in the a.m., and that rascally woodpecker goes all day! But it is nice that we have these country thrills to enjoy, I have always been a country gal.
Warmest Regards,
Susan Burns Western Mass.