The start of each day....

My day begins around 6 AM. I stumble out of bed, put my glasses on, visit the little girls room and then make my way downstairs and into the kitchen. And I must stress, this always happens in this exact order, ALWAYS! A creature of habit, that is for sure! It is here were I meet up with this.....

my little orange bag of my favorite coffee...dunkin donuts! Nope, no Starbucks for this girl! I would have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the nearest Starbucks. I brew my morning pot and then it is off to.....
enjoy my morning cup or two or three, and sit and do some needlework in the quietness of the early morning hours. My coffee pot has a cute little buzzer that goes off in 2 hours and I stitch until the timer goes off. It is then time to get ready for the day... and then it is off to Country Stitches to begin processing, filling & shipping orders to all our wonderful stitching customers.

What time of day to you stitch? Please share your stitching stories with us...we'd love to hear!

happy stitchin,
brenda gervais

P.S. One of our customers shared her stitching story with us, it is funny & I must share! She is a Valdani thread user and must lock herself in the bathroom when she stitches so her kitties can't get at those cute little balls of Valdani floss. I can totally relate....my cat LOVES the Valdani thread as much as I and I have fished several of them out of his water dish!


Patti said...

Thanks so much for the peek into your day. and the peek at what you are stitching! It's absolutely lovely! Is this an existing design or one that is coming out soon? such lovely spring colors!
Blessings, Patti

Kathy said...

I usually stitch in the evening. I have to be at the office by 7AM and although I should be in bed by 10:00, I get carried away and have to stitch 'just one more row...' or quilt 'just one more block'. I have a high stress job and stitching relaxes me and I just LOVE the finished items to decorate my home and give as gifts. Your designs are especially enjoyable to stitch or needlepunch. Thank you!

corinna said...

yes about that pattern i do not see it on the web site
the colors are lovely

i stitch in the evenings
or out on the back porch in the afternoon sun
if i get off work early

Pots 'n Prims said...

I stitch/punch/hook/sew early in the mornings before work & then in the evening. I am a shopkeeper & potter so after a looonng day of turning pots & tending shop, I do the other to relax...oh how am I kidding?! I just can't sit still!!
I, too, love Valdani...As does one of my sweet kitties...the other kitty, however, is fascinated with the needle threader!!

Kathy said...

Would you please tell us where the design that is in your most recent post can be found? I looked on your website to no avail...unless it is in a book. Is it a new design and you are teasing us????
I have recently returned to cross stitch after a 25 year absence...I was tired of doing Mickey Mouse and Pluto designs. I 'found' it again after going to a Cross Stitch shop to buy hand dyed flosses to use with hand dyed wools in some quilts. I can't get enough of the wonderful primitive designs!
I am having SO MUCH FUN!

Brenda said...

I've had several inquiries about the cross stitch piece pictured in this post. Yes, this is a new design and if it all works together nicely, it will be offered as a pattern...we shall see!