Day 4!

 Welcome back to day 4 of new pattern preview days! 

The inspiration for this berry-themed design came from a day in early June, last year.  Dave and I went with our daughter and grandchildren to a berry farm to pick strawberries.  I don't know who had more fun...the kiddos picking strawberries for the very first time, or me just watching the grand-kiddos have fun!  I had my first attempt at home-made strawberry jam....yummy!  I see more strawberry picking days in our future...already looking forward to early June!

Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm has a fun little finish.  I have chose to finish it into a stitching companion.  The needlework is mounted onto a little wooden box that looks like a book!  The "binding" of this book has a little drawer that pulls out...a perfect spot to fill with tapestry needles, scissors, etc.  Along with the box piece, there is also a companion piece for a tiny little needle book.  Fun & functional!  I will be selling the wooden book boxes, as well.

X X X X X 

I have always loved antique Quaker samplers...love them, love them, love them!  This piece is my adaptation of a Quaker sampler.  Some motifs are borrowed from my antique samplers and some are my original motifs...a modern-day take on a Quaker sampler.   Quaker Handework is worked in shades of red, browns, golds and brownish-greens...the color palette is scrumptious!   The 2 strands of floss make the stitches look like they are resting on top of the linen, really like it!   I chose to make this a family sampler, stitching our initials randomly among the motifs.  The pattern includes an alphabet chart so that you may personalize the sampler.    A very special "THANK YOU" to Susanna Baker for stitching this piece for me!

See you tomorrow!
With thy Needle & Thread,


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I truly cannot wait to see full pics of all your designs! Absolutely love your vision!

Andre Coop said...

Brenda, I really love the book box! The colors on the Quaker sampler are fantastic!

Shelly said...

That book box is great. Thanks for the sneak peeks!

Karen said...

A definite order for me! I too love the look of two strands on a higher count fabric so that the each cross stitch causes the thread to make tiny little "pillows" snuggled on top of the linen!

Christina said...

So many wonderful new designs. My poor wallet. 😉

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh my goodness...now these two are my new favorites...well, at least until tomorrow lol. I absolutely LOVE them!!! Smiles & Thursday Hugs ~ Robin

Barb said...

I am really loving your new designs!! Can't wait to see them!

Connie Bechtold said...

Always love your designs and these are wonderful! Definite buy!

RJ Mazzeo said...

Loving all of these new designs. Can't wait until they are for sale. I have many on my must have list. I'm so anxious to see them in full and see how big they are. You are a wonderful designer and your use of color is fabulous. RJ

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